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Sweet Mother International (SMI) Liberia

Who We Are: 

Sweet Mother International (SMI) Liberia is a dedicated branch of the global non-profit organization focused on improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality in Liberia. We are a team of compassionate individuals united in our commitment to ensuring that every woman in Liberia has access to safe childbirth and quality maternal care.

Our Mission: 

Our mission is to significantly reduce the rate of maternal deaths in Liberia, particularly those resulting from pregnancy-related complications. We believe that every woman deserves the right to safe pregnancy and childbirth, and we are dedicated to making this a reality in Liberia.

Our Vision: 

Our vision is a Liberia where maternal health is prioritized, and every woman can experience pregnancy and childbirth without fear of losing her life. We envision a country where all mothers and their newborns have the best possible start in life.

Our Approach:

Our Programs:

Why We Matter: 

In Liberia, the challenges of maternal mortality are daunting but not insurmountable. With a collaborative and dedicated approach, we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of women and families in our communities. Our work is not just about saving lives; it's about building a stronger, healthier future for all of Liberia.

Join Us: 

We invite you to join us in this vital mission. Whether as a volunteer, donor, or advocate, your contribution makes a significant difference. Together, we can transform the landscape of maternal health in Liberia.

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For more information or to get involved, please visit our Contact Us page.

Sweet Mother International Liberia 

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