The pictures below are the "SAVE" rally procession in the city of Monrovia, Liberia, leading to the Parliament House  and House of Representatives.

This rally aims to create  awareness of the increasing maternal deaths in Africa and to demonstrate that the citizens are concerned about this issue. Also, the rally aims to call on the government  to take action in improving maternal health care in Liberia; particularly, for government to provide free and efficient obstetric care for rural and underprivileged women. This is because,  many rural families are poor and cannot afford cesarean operations; having free obstetrics care will invariable save hundreds of  lives.

Furthermore, the government is also called upon to collaborate with SMI in establishing  an Obstetrics Emergency Intervention Unit (OEIU). With an ambulance or  helicopter, the OEIU will convey pregnant women having complications  from rural areas to an obstetrics hospital. See presentation of letter to government - click here